Friday, March 13, 2009

Gabu Babu

Yay! Tanner's toy is done. It turned out so cute! Well I think so anyhow. I was a little concered at first about how the color was changing in the first few rows but once the rows lengthened out it looked pretty good. It took me a few tries to get the antenae the way I wanted them. In the end I made one right handed and the other left handed (I won't tell you how long that took) so that they would mirror each other. If any of my genious friends has a better idea on how to do that I would LOVE to hear it.

Ooo and as a little tid-bit of useless information: Babu (bah-boo) is Napali for "baby boy." I have a friend whose cat is named Babu. Just a coincidence when I was making up a silly nonsense name for my post I remember after I typed it. Now that you're curious, Moiya (MOY-uh) is the word for "baby girl."

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  1. I'm Just learning myself & havent done it yet, still reading lol, But I have to say that looks AWESOME!