Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Date is Set!

Saturday, January 1, 2011. 1/1/11! We're getting married on New Years Day! Is anyone else excited? I have no idea what to do next except everything. I'm so stupid happy! I can't wait.

I've had the wheels turning in my head and we've already had some ideas of what we want to do. Small, family and close friends only. The fact that all of my family will have to traverse great distances will cut down on attendance I'm sure but I really hope as much of my family as possible will come. The budget is microscopic as far as weddings go but it will be perfect, I just know it.

What do you think of pomanders (obviously indoors, maybe on the pews/chairs)? Any color ideas? Themes?


  1. Looks like we all better put our thinking caps on!! Exciting, exciting!! I would be happy to help!!

  2. I'll be super appreciative of any help I can get! Plus it's gonna be super fun!